PHP in a nutshell
Good, compact reference to the language, but not a place to start if you are learning. Useful function references.

Learning PHP 5
Introduction to PHP with a useful chapter-by-chapter basis. I found some stuff quite difficult to understand, and the database section assumes you are using PEAR rather than MySQL.

PHP Cookbook
Very useful worked examples. Desgined around answering questions where each chapter covers a differant subject in PHP. A useful book once you've got going, but not the place to start with PHP.
Visual Quickstart Guide - MYSQL
Good, easy to understand reference to MySQL and includes a section on PHP. Good reference to MySQL, but some sometimes difficult to understand examples.

Other websites

Try some of these for other PHP resouces and tutorials...

PHP Freaks Code Library with code examples by category
PHP Freaks Tutorials by category
PHP Freaks Reference with examples for listed functions
w3 Schools Tutorial with functions by category. Good examples, but adverts on the pages
Pixelcode PHP section/a> with tutorials
PHP resource index/a> with hundreds of free scripts and examples/tutorials

phpBB, if you want to put a foum/bulletin board on your site. Its free, quite easy to install if you have PHP/MySQL and has quite an active community of people who maintain it.

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The previous article tells you how to use sessions and cookies.


The next screen gives you some full applications written in PHP.
This tutorial gives you a step-by-step approach to seeing full applications written in PHP. All the source code is available for you to download.

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  • Create an array using the key values and a value for each element
  • Add to the end of a numeric array using []
  • Retrieve an element in an array using its key
  • Use count to find out how many elements are in an array